Bucks Fizz are - Bobby G, Heidi Manton, Tammy Choat and Paul Yates.

 Bobby has been the voice of Bucks Fizz since they began back in 1981 and still remains committed to heading up their fantastic shows...read more

 Heidi joined in 1993, as well as being a wonderfully talented performer in her own rights, she also brought to the group a wealth of experience in performing arts and stage production skills...read more

 Tammy joined in 2003.  Her vocal and performing talents have always kept her in demand and she is a fantastic asset to the group. Her bubbly personality brings an element of fun to every show... read more

 Paul is the most recent member of the group, joining in 2012. Initially being spotted by Bobby a few years ago the group have enjoyed seeing his career progress, and when the opportunity presented itself he was the obvious choice to join us...read more

Previous Bucks Fizz Members are:
Paul Fordham (Bucks Fizz 2005 - 2012)

Paul was a very welcome addition to the group and brought with him an immense enthusiasm and love of the business.  Throughout his time with us he continued to be involved with many other successful projects and has recently secured a place alongside Wayne with 'Beautiful World'.  Paul has been of great help in supporting the transition of Paul Yates into the group for which we are extremely grateful.  Paul will be missed as a fellow performer but he, along with Wayne, will always remain close friends and business associates.  We all wish Paul continued success.

Wayne Chinnery (Bucks Fizz 2003 - 2005)

Prior to joining Bucks Fizz Wayne performed with an infamous show team.  He enjoyed his period with the group and during that time he was given a taste of travelling to many overseas locations.  Wanting to see more of the world he took time out to perform in a production of 'Twist and Shout' in Canada.  With more opportunities being offered he decided to leave Bucks Fizz.  He continues to be very successful with his own band 'Beautiful World'. He still insists he will return, he's fondly missed.

Jenny Phillips (Bucks Fizz 2006)

In 2006 Jenny auditioned for ‘Bucks Fizz’ to cover for Heidi during her pregnancy and subsequent birth of daughter Millie, she worked with the group for approximately a year.  Jenny accepted the opportunity to work with the group again when Bobby and Heidi asked her to perform as one of their dancers in 'The Bucks Fizz Theatre Show' during 2008 and 2009.  Jenny continues to work very successfully in the entertainment industry and has remained very close friends with the band members.

Nikki Winter (Bucks Fizz 2003)

Nikki had worked from a very young age with her musical family in their own show band performing around the world. Breaking out on her own she joined a show team and performed in a variety of  shows. Although enjoying her time with Bucks Fizz Nikki chose to once again work with her family. Through her time with Bucks Fizz the Winter family became and remain close friends of the group.

Graham Crisp (Bucks Fizz 1997 - 2002)

Prior to joining Bucks Fizz Graham had worked in the insurance industry before taking the plunge to follow his passion.  After training for three years at Laine Theatre Arts Graham was brought to the attention of the group.  He is still working successfully in the entertainment business with his own show and remains very close to the band.


Louise Hart (Bucks Fizz 1996 - 2002)

Louise had been in the music industry for a number of years fronting her own band.  Bucks Fizz had seen Louise perform on many occasions and were very impressed so, when a position became available to join Bucks Fizz she was approached as the number one choice.  She was later joined by her husband Paul who became Musical Director for the band.  Louise still performs in the industry alongside her career as a vocal coach.

David Van Day (Bucks Fizz 1996 - 1997)

Prior to joining Bucks Fizz David was a member of the 70's vocal group 'Guys 'n' Dolls  along with Thereza Bazar who he subsequently joined up with to create the 80's duo 'Dollar'. Since leaving he has led a varied career which includes TV appearances on 'I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here'!, 'Pop Goes The Band' and most recently 'Celebrity Coach Trip'.

Karen Logan (Bucks Fizz 1996)

Karen joined the group for a short period along with David Van Day.  Since leaving Bucks Fizz she has had a successful career on the cabaret circuit, frequently appearing on many cruise ships. Karen has supported Dionne Warwick on her UK tour and is currently a regular cast member in touring shows.

Amanda Swarzc (Bucks Fizz 1993 - 1996)

Amanda joined the band at the same time as Heidi, following Cheryl's departure.   This brought the band back to the two-boy, two-girl  four-part harmony group of which Bucks Fizz were renowned.  Amanda decided to leave the band in order to pursue a career with an all-girl recording group which has since disbanded. Having forged a good friendship during her time with Bucks Fizz  Amanda and Heidi have remained close friends.

Shelley Preston (Bucks Fizz 1985 - 1990)

Shelley joined the band following the departure of Jay.  The media frenzy surrounding the 'new girl' in Bucks Fizz created fresh publicity which put the band back in the charts and saw them, once again, performing sell-out tours.
   After leaving Bucks Fizz in 1990 Shelley made a career as a backing vocalist supporting great acts such as INXS, Tom Jones and Guns 'n' Roses amongst others. Shelley continues to write music today with her 'Coldfish' band mates.

Mike Nolan (Bucks Fizz 1981 - 1996)

Prior to joining the group Mike had been a member of the boy-band 'Brooks' who released a number of singles. His first real success however came with joining Bucks Fizz. Overcoming the serious injuries he received in the 1984 coach crash Mike continued to perform with the band until his departure in 1996.  His involvement in the music industry continues and he has always been a much loved celebrity.

Cheryl Baker (Bucks Fizz 1981 - 1993)

Prior to joining Bucks Fizz Cheryl had performed with the band 'Co-Co' who in 1978 represented the UK in The Eurovision Song Contest.  She performed with Bucks Fizz for 12 years, during the latter part of which she began to concentrate on a career as a TV presenter. Cheryl left the band in 1993 following the growing success of her solo career with hit TV shows such as Record Breakers, Eggs 'n' Baker and many more. Cheryl has remained a popular TV celebrity.

Jay Aston (Bucks Fizz 1981 - 1985)

Jay came from a theatrical family, her father being a comedian and her mother a dancer. Jay trained as a dancer, singer and actress at the Italia Conti School of Speech and Drama and performed on stage many times. Following the 1984 coach crash Jay decided to leave the band to pursue her own interests which have included appearances in prime-time TV shows, composing, and performing in her own band 'Aston'.  She currently runs her own successful theatre school.


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