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Well, it’s been over 40 years... Where did all that time go? When I think of it, so much has happened. All the things I’ve done, all the highs - and some lows!

You might think that the obvious highs are all the successes for the group since that day back in 1981, but in reality, it’s that and more; It’s also the many personal experiences that I’ve had along the way.

Being part of BUCKS FIZZ has taken me to places and shown me sights that many people can only dream of. From performing on mountaintops in the Falklands to cruise liners in the Pacific; Deserts in the Middle East to beaches in Mauritius; Travelling the world and experiencing so many cultures; Meeting Royalty and socialising with my childhood idols from stage, screen and the music industry.

Has it all been worth it? – You can bet your life it has – I wouldn’t change a single moment.

I thank everybody who has helped, and continues to help make this possible.

Thank you for your ongoing support.


BUCKS FIZZ,  a British pop group that achieved success in the 1980s, most notably for winning the 1981 Eurovision Song Contest with the song "Making Your Mind Up". The group was originally formed in January 1981 specifically for the contest and comprised of four vocalists: Bobby G, Cheryl Baker, Mike Nolan and Jay Aston. They achieved instant attention with a dance routine that went with the song, involving rip-off skirts! The group went on to have a successful career around the world, while the UK remained their biggest market. Even to this day BUCKS FIZZ have spent over 200 weeks in the charts and their international sales have exceeded 150 million records worldwide.

BUCKS FIZZ were responsible for 3 No.1 hit singles with "Making Your Mind Up", "The Land of Make Believe" and "My Camera Never Lies", and became one of the biggest selling groups of the 1980s. They also had a string of UK Top 20 hits with "Now Those Days Are Gone", "One Of Those Nights", "Run For Your Life", "Talking In Your Sleep", "When We Were Young", "New Beginning (Mamba Seyra)" and “If You Can’t Stand The Heat”.

BUCKS FIZZ has had a few line-up changes over the last forty plus years, (most famously when Jay Aston quit the group in 1985 and was replaced by Shelley Preston,) however, Bobby G has remained with the group since it's conception in 1981 and has recruited new members ever since to keep the established 2 Boy 2 Girl line-up continuing.

It is with this in mind that Bobby G, the voice of all the hits, brings his BUCKS FIZZ into the 21st century while still maintaining to recreate that iconic 80’s sound, with sensational, and completely live four-part vocal harmonies that the group is most famous for.

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