Well there you go 30 years, well that went quick! - But when when I think of it, so much has happened,  all the things Ive done, all the highs - and some lows!

You might think that the obvious highs are all the successes for the group, but in reality its that and more; its also the many personal experiences that Ive had along the way.

Being in the group has taken me to places and shown me sights that many people can only dream of:  From performing on mountain-tops in the Falklands to cruise liners in the Pacific; Deserts in the Middle East to Beaches in Mauritius; Travelling the world and experiencing so many cultures; Meeting Royalty and socialising with my childhood idols from film and the music industry.

Has it all been worth it? You can bet your life it has I wouldnt have changed a moment.

I thank everybody who helped to make this possible.


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